Shawenim Abinoojii. Inc. Support Worker Program’s (“SWP”) mission is to provide coordinated support services to First Nation children, youth and families. SWP continues to promote cultural and recreational programs that empower and enhance the lives of First Nation children, youth and families.

SWP was developed to provide comprehensive support services to children, youth and families residing on or off reserve. SWP provides the support services for family visits, family enhancement, mentoring and emergency services.

A Support Worker provides one-time or on-going services to children and their families for family visit referrals. The Support Worker may be responsible solely for, or a combination of the following: transporting and/or escorting children and possibly their family members, providing periodic check-ins or providing constant supervision during family visits. Family visits may take place in a family home, foster placement, a hotel, an office’s visiting room, in a community, or any other designated location.

The Support Worker provides preventative strategies and education that strengthens family functioning for family enhancement assignments. This type of referral is to prevent children from entering into an Agency’s care. The Support Worker will not enable families but assist families to obtain skills needed to have a successful home environment. The Support Worker is to establish an objective and caring relationship with families and children.

Mentoring takes place when a Support Worker spends individualized time with a child or youth. The Support Worker is a positive role model the child or youth, facilitates activities, and assists the child or youth in achieving goals.

A Support Worker may provide emergency services for various reasons. These services are required immediately and generally given less than 24 hours’ notice.


Scott Barchuk,
Support Worker Program

(204) 924-6052