The Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) Program provides structured and caring homes for youth from the Southeast First Nations, who are currently in the care of Southeast Child and Family Services. Youth in this program are gifted and resilient, and the TFC program aims to support wellness, positive inter/intrapersonal growth and life-skill development.

The TFC Program works with therapeutic Foster Parents to deliver comprehensive supports in a structured, loving and nurturing home environment. The homes are supported by select support workers who build meaningful connections, provide positive role-modelling and participate in activities and program opportunities alongside the youth. Program Coordinators support youth in achieving goals and life skills.

Treatment Goal-Setting/Life-Skill Meeting

Through collaboration with the youth, caregivers and supports, TFC Program Coordinators utilize a child-centered approach to facilitate the development of treatment/life-skill goals. These meetings are guided by a medicine-wheel framework. Caregivers and Program Staff work with the youth to support the achievement goals, through ongoing support and follow up treatment/life-skill goal meetings.

Identity and Belonging

In recognition of each child’s identity and belonging, TFC Foster Parents support biological families and communities through an inclusive approach guided by Indigenous values and based on the best interests of the child. Foster Parents in this program recognize the inherent connections between youth and their families, and their communities.

Shawenim Abinoojii seeks out foster parents with shared history, identity and experiences as the youth. This approach is guided by empathy and understanding, and supports stronger connection and understanding between youth and caregiver.

The Shawenim Abinoojii Therapeutic Foster Care Program honours and respects the opportunity to support and guide youth through this important part of their life journey.


Kerry McBurney B.S.W.

Supervisor, Therapeutic Foster Care Program.

P: (204) 582-3746 Ex 148