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First Nation

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Berens River First Nation

BOX 131
Manitoba R0B 0A0
Phone: (204) 382-2161
Fax: (204) 382-2297

  • Chief Norman McKay
  • Councillor Roland Whiteway
  • Councillor Gerald Kemp
  • Councillor Glen Boulanger
  • Councillor Paul Disbrowe
  • Councillor Tracy Berens
  • Councillor Lindsay Ross

Approximately 270 air kilometres north of Winnipeg on the east shore of Lake Winnipeg at the mouth of the Berens River and 391 kilometers by road on Provincial Road #304 (a few kilometers south is a more isolated reserve, Pigeon River No. 13A which, in the past, has been used as a collection point for logging operations).

Band No: 266

Reserve: I.R. No.13 and 13A

Area: 2546.9 Hectares

Language: Anishinabe

Economic Base: Fishing, trapping and forestry


Off-reserve – 1,185
On-reserve – 2,125

Total Population – 3,310 (Effective, March 9, 2016)


  • Berens River Band Office
  • Meemeesipii Inc.
  • Berens River Log Inn
  • Berens River School
    (Frontier School Division: Nursery to Grade 9)
  • Berens River Daycare
  • Berens River Nursing Station/Chief Jacob Berens
  • Mino-Ayaawin Centre
  • Berens River Training & Employment Program
  • Berens River Tug Boat/Barge
  • Berens River Pumphouse (Water and Sewage)
  • Oshetoon Building Supplies
  • Neil Disbrowe’s Woodworking
  • Linda & Valerie’s Video Shop
  • Christine’s Coffee Shop
  • Berens River Store
  • Northern Store
  • Hubert Boyd (Store)

Bloodvein First Nation

Bloodvein, Manitoba
R0C 0J0
Phone: (204) 395-2148
Fax: (204) 395-2099

Chief – Derek A. Cook
Council – Lorraine Cook
Council – Stella Keller
Council – Kelvin Raven
Council – Ellen Young

210 kilometres north of Winnipeg on the east shore of Lake Winnipeg, directly north of the Bloodvein River. The community is situated along three kilometres of shoreline at the mouth of the river.

Band No: 267

Reserve: I.R. No.12

Area: 1625.2 Hectares

Language: Anishinabe

Economic Base: Commercial fishing and trapping


On-reserve  1,073
Off-reserve  720

Total Population – 1,793 (Effective April, 2017)


  • Bloodvein Band Office
  • Miskooseepi School (Nursery to Grade 9)
  • Child & Family Services
  • Health Centre
  • Bloodvein Arena
  • RCMP Detachment
  • Bloodvein River Lodge
  • Turtle’s Café
  • Anishinabe Coffee Shop
  • Frank & Son Grocery Store/Video Rentals
  • Mikisi Towing, Gas Bar & Convenience Store
  • Keller & Son’s Grocery Store

Brokenhead First Nation

BOX 180
R0E 1W0
Phone: (204) 766-2494
Fax: (204) 766-2306

Chief Deborah Smith
Councillor Winston Desjarlais
Councillor Shawn Kent
Councillor Harvey Olson
Councillor Naomi Nicholas


Brokenhead Ojibway Nation #4 extends north to the shores of Lake Winnipeg and includes part of the Netley Creek Mars area. The Brokenhead River runs through the core area of the community. Both PTH #59 and the CN rail line cross through the northwest section of the Reserve. To the south is Winnipeg, 82 kilometres down highway #59 and to the north is Grand Beach, Patricia Beach and Victoria Beach to mane only three beaches in this area located along 59 north.

The community is accessible by all weather road via Highway #59. Trucking services are available on a regular basis. There is no access by air, although float planes and boat dockage are available. Grey Goose Bus Lines serves the community on a daily basis. A CN rail line passes through the First Nation transporting freight to and from Pine Falls.


On-reserve – 766
Off-reserve – 1,166

Total Population – 1,932 (Effective, February 24, 2016)


  • Brokenhead Band Office
  • Sargeant Tommy Prince School (Nursery to Grade 9)
  • Brokenhead Entertainment Centre
  • Waivers Chicken Delight
  • Bison Ranch
  • Shining Butterfly Handi-Crafts
  • Brokenhead Daycare
  • Brokenhead Historic Village
  • Private Matthews Sinclair’s Elders
  • Brokenhead Treatment Plant
  • Brokenhead Recreational Centre
  • Brokenhead Health Centre
  • Brokenhead Training & Employment Program

Hollow Water
First Nations

Wanipigow, Manitoba
BOX 2561
R0E 2E0
Phone: (204) 363-7278
Fax: (204) 363-7418

Chief Larry Barker
Councillor Furlon Barker
Councillor Geoff Bushie
Councillor Wayne Moneyas
Councillor Henry Moneyas

Approximately 190 kilometres north of Winnipeg and within the Precambrian shield region of Manitoba.

Hollow Water First Nation is accessible by an all-weather road via PR#304. No air service is available and the nearest airport is located in Bissett, Manitoba. Grey Goose Bus Lines serves Pine Falls on a daily basis.

Band No: 263

Reserve: I.R. No.10

Area: 1622.9 Hectares

Language: Anishinabe

Economic Base: Fishing, hunting, trapping and wild rice harvesting


On-reserve – 1005
Off-reserve – 904

Total Population – 1,909 (Effective, April 2016)


  • Hollow Water Band Office
  • Adam Hardisty Health Centre
  • Wanipigow Producer Co-op
  • Grandpa George’s Gas / Diesel Bar
  • Wy-Ky-Kan Housing Authority
  • Yvonne’s Chipstand
  • Legends Campground – Wayne Moneyas
  • Garden Angel Daycare
  • Aboriginal Headstart Program
  • Sanitation Service
  • Water Treatment Plant

Black River
First Nation

O’Hanley, Manitoba
R0E 1K0
Phone: (204) 367-4411
Fax: (204) 367-2000

Chief Sheldon Kent
Councillor Midred (Milly) Cook
Councillor Leah Fontaine
Councillor Oral Johnston

At the banks of the O’Hanley and Black Rivers, along the east shore of Lake Winnipeg, 32 kilometers north of Pine Falls, and 150 kilometers north of Winnipeg.

Band No: 260

Reserve: I.R. No. 9

Area: 809.3 Hectares

Language: Anishinabe

Economic Base: Trapping agricultural development, wild rice harvesting, hunting and commercial fishing.


On-reserve – 887
Off-reserve – 416

Total Population – 1,303 (effective, March 15, 2016)


  • Black River Band Office
  • Black River School (Nursery to Grade 9)
  • Black River Health Centre
  • Headstart Program
  • Truss Plant
  • Clarence Bird Sr. (Grader Operations)
  • Moppa’s Store
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Alternative Education Program

Little Grand Rapids
First Nation

Little Grand Rapids
BOX 130
Manitoba, R0B 0V0
Phone: (204) 397-2264
Fax: (204) 397-2340

Chief Raymond Keeper
Councillor Wendy Leveque
Councillor Diane Keeper
Councillor Clinton Keeper
Councillor Nelson Keeper
Councillor Hilda Crow
Councillor Martin Owens

268 air kilometers northeast of Winnipeg, on the shores of Family Lake near the Manitoba/ Ontario border. The reserve is spread out over an eight kilometer stretch along the lake shore.

There is a 3000 foot airstrip on provincial crown land across the lake from Little Grand Rapids. Access from the airport is restricted to boat or float plane during the summer months. During the winter, the community can be accessed by snow machine or vehicle over the ice. During the freeze up and spring thaw the site is only accessible by helicopter. There is no permanent access road. Winter roads are constructed to Pine Dock and Bloodvein. Pine Dock is accessible by all weather road via PHT #234.

Band No: 270

Reserve: I.R. No. 14

Area: 2005.8 Hectares

Language: Anishinabe

Economic Base: Fishing, trapping and seasonal rice harvesting


On-reserve – 1,300
Off-reserve – 354

Total Population – 1,654 (Effective April 2017, as per INAC)


  • Little Grand Rapids Band Office

  • Clarence & Jemima’s Family Lake Pool Hall/Canteen

  • Owens Cash & Carry

  • General Merchants

  • Kitagas Group Home

  • Northern Store

  • Little Grand Rapids Airport

  • Sanitation Service

  • Nursing Station

  • Water Treatment Plant

  • Headstart Program

  • Daycare Program

First Nation

Pauingassi FN
BOX 60
Manitoba, R0E 1M0
Phone: (204) 397-2371
Fax: (204) 397-2145

Chief Michael Owens
Moses Owens
Roddy Owens
Benson Pascal

Approximately 280 kilometers northeast of Winnipeg & 24 kilometers north of Little Grand Rapids, on a peninsula jutting southward into Fishing Lake, a tributary of Berens River.

There is no permanent access road to the Pauingassi First Nation, although winter roads are constructed annually from Pine Dock and Bloodvein. There is a 3000 foot airstrip approximately 24 kilometers south of Pauingassi at Little Grand Rapids. Access to the community via the airport is restricted to boat or float plane during the summer and by snowmobile during the winter

Band No: 327

Reserve: I.R. Pauingassi First Nation

Area: 260.5 Hectares

Language: Anishinabe

Economic Base: Trapping, fishing and seasonal rice harvesting


On-reserve – 601
Off-reserve – 52

Total Population – 653 (Effective, April 2017, as per INAC)


  • Dojo’s Store
  • Northern Store
  • Pauingassi Nursing Station
  • Sanitation Service
  • NDL Building (New Dream Lodge)

Poplar River
First Nation

BOX 90
Manitoba, R0B 0Z0
Phone: (204) 244-2267
Fax: (204) 244-2690

Winnipeg Sub Office
Phone: 204-953-5520
Fax: 204-953-5522
550-360 Broadway Avenue,
Wpg, MB  R3C 0T6

Chief Vera Mitchell
Councillor Eddie Hudson
Councillor Darcy Bruce
Councillor Norway Rabliauskus
Councillor Russell Lambert
Councillor Guy Douglas
Councillor Langford Mason


East side of Lake Winnipeg at the mouth of the Poplar River.

There is no permanent access road to Poplar River. An annual winter road provides access from Pine Dock on the west side of Lake Winnipeg to Bloodvein, and north to Berens and Poplar River. Pine Dock is accessible by PHT # 234. A 2,500 foot gravel airstrip is maintained in Negginan and is serviced by scheduled and/or charter flights. goods are occasionally barged to the community from Selkirk. There are dock facilities for float planes and boats.

Band No: 277

Reserve: I.R. No. 16

Area: 1537.8 Hectares

Language: Anishinabe

Economic Base: Fishing and trapping


On-reserve – 1,319
Off-reserve –  524

Total Population – 1,843 (Effective, February 24, 2016


  • Poplar River Band Office

  • Sagaday Lodge

  • Bunny’s Restaurant

  • Sara’s Diner

  • Negginan Hardware

  • B & B Networking

  • Poplar River Airport

  • Sanitation Service

  • Water Treatment Plant

  • Nursing Station

  • Headstart Program

  • Daycare Program

  • Northern Store