Wanipigow, Manitoba
BOX 2561
R0E 2E0
Phone: (204) 363-7278
Fax: (204) 363-7418

Chief Larry Barker
Councillor Furlon Barker
Councillor Geoff Bushie
Councillor Wayne Moneyas
Councillor Henry Moneyas

Approximately 190 kilometres north of Winnipeg and within the Precambrian shield region of Manitoba.

Hollow Water First Nation is accessible by an all-weather road via PR#304. No air service is available and the nearest airport is located in Bissett, Manitoba. Grey Goose Bus Lines serves Pine Falls on a daily basis.

Band No: 263

Reserve: I.R. No.10

Area: 1622.9 Hectares

Language: Anishinabe

Economic Base: Fishing, hunting, trapping and wild rice harvesting


On-reserve – 1005
Off-reserve – 904

Total Population – 1,909 (Effective, April 2016)



  • Hollow Water Band Office
  • Adam Hardisty Health Centre
  • Wanipigow Producer Co-op
  • Grandpa George’s Gas / Diesel Bar
  • Wy-Ky-Kan Housing Authority
  • Yvonne’s Chipstand
  • Legends Campground – Wayne Moneyas
  • Garden Angel Daycare
  • Aboriginal Headstart Program
  • Sanitation Service
  • Water Treatment Plant