Pauingassi FN
BOX 60
Manitoba, R0E 1M0
Phone: (204) 397-2371
Fax: (204) 397-2145

Chief Michael Owens
Moses Owens
Roddy Owens
Benson Pascal

Approximately 280 kilometers northeast of Winnipeg & 24 kilometers north of Little Grand Rapids, on a peninsula jutting southward into Fishing Lake, a tributary of Berens River.

There is no permanent access road to the Pauingassi First Nation, although winter roads are constructed annually from Pine Dock and Bloodvein. There is a 3000 foot airstrip approximately 24 kilometers south of Pauingassi at Little Grand Rapids. Access to the community via the airport is restricted to boat or float plane during the summer and by snowmobile during the winter

Band No: 327

Reserve: I.R. Pauingassi First Nation

Area: 260.5 Hectares

Language: Anishinabe

Economic Base: Trapping, fishing and seasonal rice harvesting



On-reserve – 601
Off-reserve – 52

Total Population – 653 (Effective, April 2017, as per INAC)



  • Dojo’s Store
  • Northern Store
  • Pauingassi Nursing Station
  • Sanitation Service
  • NDL Building (New Dream Lodge)