Southern Care Program (SCP)

The Southern Care Program (SCP) provides structured and caring homes for youth from the Southeast First Nations, who are currently in the care of Southeast Child and Family Services. Youth in this program are gifted and resilient, and the SCP program aims to support wellness, positive inter/intrapersonal growth, and life-skill development.

The Family Reunification Program (FRP) supports children and families in moving toward long-term reunification. The program aims to prepare families for independence from the child welfare system. The objective is to successfully reunite siblings together in one home that will work toward reunification and/or family connection.

Identity and Belonging

Foster Parents with this program recognize the inherent connections between children and their families, and their communities.

Shawenim Abinoojii's Southern Care Program respects the opportunity to support and guide children, youth, and families through this important part of their life journey.